In 1986 I ( Rahim Rafieipour ) have prepared to set up Negahan Gas Industrial Corporation , NGIC ,
with aim of job creation , developing the expectation to earn a living and serving both industry and community as Manufacturer.

At first stage we began to manufacturer gas control valve for space heater, gas fire , having past two
fruitful decades , the company is evolving and flourishing into manufacturing various sophisticated gas control valves for storage
water heater , semi – Industrial valve , governor and flow switch. Our talented trained employees are developing existing range of products and are creative with new models .

NGIC is supplying major portion of its gas control valve capacity to nearly 60 local industrial gas fire producers,
and what is more we are exporting to European union , CIS countries , India and Pakistan.

In addition we are , currently , producing household appliances among which are various com bi- boiler ( floor – standing , wall- mounted , storage tank) and instantaneous
wall mounted water heater . Customers satisfaction comes with first priority in NGIC.

NGIC has got some approvals and certifications such as : CE by Advent – Britain , ISO 9001- 2000 by RWTUV , G.Q.M by Global Quality Management , A.G.A by Australian Gas
Association and finally ISIRI by Institute of Standardization and industrial Research of Iran.

We readily welcome any proposal to initiate joint venture cooperation with foreign gas control valve manufacturers and providing all sort of finished parts.